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This morning "Your Town Friday" is on the road and headed to Ingalls.  The town was founded back in the late 19th century and today has a population of about 2,400.  You'll find the town of Ingalls in Madison County about 28 miles northeast of downtown Indy.

“They are going to be overwhelmed by the smell of donuts and pastries.  We’ll have noodles, honey, jams, jellies, peanut butter and breads of course, things like that,” said owner of Amish Indiana, Tim Basey.

They opened their doors just this week.  This is Amish Indiana's second donut shop in Madison County. And if you're wondering if owner Tim Basey is Amish, he's not, but the donuts certainly are!

“Me and my wife have been going to Middlebury, Shipshewana area, for years and we fell in love with this donut shop up there.  We started talking with the owner, who is Amish, and told him it’d do well to bring his donuts here, wholesale, and sell them retail.  I’ve been on him for 5 to 6 years and finally last year he broke and said yeah let’s do that, so that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing right now,” said Tim.

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This is a second career for Tim. And donuts seemed like a perfect fit!

“I’m a career police office.  I retired after 30 years of law enforcement.  As a police officer, I’ve had a lot of donuts in my time but when I ate their donuts, the Amish donuts, it’s just like wow, they’re light, they’re hard to describe, they melt in your mouth!” said Tim.

Tim makes the journey up to Middlebury 5 days a week in the middle of the night to pick up the Amish goods so they are in the shop fresh and ready to go every morning.

“It’s just the way they put sugar and flower and butter together and they can do it like nobody else.  If you’ve never had an Amish donut you need to come out and try one.  Once you try one I think you’ll be hooked,” said Tim.

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From the outside you would never believe this happens on the inside.  The Music Box Bar & Grill in Ingalls is known for their super cool karaoke set-up.

“We built-up a stage and cleaned the place up and changed the décor a bit.  Karaoke, I’ve been doing it 10 to 11 years, and we decided we needed a place where we could be permanent and I’m well known for that.  We bring in a lot of singers and we bring in some of the best singers from Indy so it’s an enjoyable thing.  Every Friday and Saturday night we’re packed in here.  We definitely have a good time,” said owner Bob Cowan.

Bob Cowan and his friend Randy bought the bar a few years ago.  It was formerly The Hog House, a popular biker bar, but the guys wanted to give it a makeover.

“We went from probably 20% women and it’s probably 50-60% percent women now on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Bob.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights they generally have a live band play and they even do the occasional comedy night.

While Bob warms up the crowd, his fiancé whips up the drinks and Randy keeps bellies full!

“We do our own tenderloin, we can do it breaded or grilled, everyone seems to love that, not a lot of people do that anymore.  We do hamburgers, a ½ pound hamburger; it’s wonderful, all fresh and not frozen.  We do pizza and people around here think our pizza is one of the best,” said Bob.

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