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“I’m a transplant here and I noticed that the downtown area just had nothing going on. I wanted to do something to get people from the community to come out, go downtown and have some fun so I came up with this concept and I stay open late and it seems to be working very well,” said John Krasowski, owner of Periwinkle’s Soda Pop Candy Shop.

“A hundred different soda pops and about 150 different candies and at many times we are changing them out, bringing new ones in, they walk in, it’s cool environment because of the chocolates and we’re usually music playing in the background.  Then you get to hear some of the sounds of candy boxes opening and closing which is a cool sound and people opening soda pops,” said John Krasowski, owner of Periwinkle’s Soda Pop Candy Shop in downtown Lebanon.

Right now Jones Soda is celebrating their 20th year in business so they came out with a one-time only special edition birthday cake soda and lemme tell ya! It tastes just like birthday cake!

“They have some chocolate flavors, one is a chocolate raspberry truffle from Cicero Beverage and they’re doing a candy bacon cream soda which is interesting because candy bacon can’t be good, but they end up liking it, coming back and liking it,” said John.

As for the candy, they’re a mix and match, serve yourself kind of place.

“One of the popular ones in the chocolate section is a triple dipped chocolate malt ball.  Another one that’s unique is a chocolate covered animal cracker and of course they still like their standards like the double dipped peanuts and raisins,” said John.

They also have prepackaged candy; some of them include dates so you can see when that candy first came out on store shelves.

“The reaction is really great, many people say thank you for doing this so it makes us, myself and my staff included, very happy to work,” said John.

They also sell candy gift bags, boxes and bouquet arrangements!

“We’ve owned this for 4 years.  We bought the building 2 years ago and started transforming it from the parking lot to the porch to the siding and so it’ll be 4 years in July,” said Jo Rose, owner of Tru-Finds Treasures in Lebanon.

Years ago, Jo Rose had a booth in this building.  She sold shabby chic collectibles and furniture.  When the shop was about to close, Jo and her husband decided to take it over and re-open as Tru-Finds Treasures.

“We have re-purposed furniture; we have a lot of talent in here so the girls all envision things in a certain way.  They buy something at estate sales, garage sales, whatever and repurpose it to make it beautiful.  We just added this year a boutique, a clothes line called Pretty Cute Things, we have General Finishes Paint, we carry Milk Paint and Chalk Paint, we have a lot of gift items and a lot of home décor,” said Jo.

You could spend all day in this home décor shop…whether you’re looking for something small or large…something for yourself or something for someone else!

“I think you’ll find that our merchandise is a little bit better because we buy solid wood pieces.  They are more unique because we finish them ourselves so even in a home if you buy one unique piece it’ll make a huge difference in the way your room looks as opposed to buying something from a box store that anyone else can buy so I think that’s a good reason to shop and I like to shop local as well.  For instance, an end table even a dining room table and chairs, our prices depending on 4 chairs or 6, maybe $450 to $625, which is a good deal when the pieces are solid wood!  They’re redone, distressed and you can get any kind of look you want to fit into your taste,” said Jo.

They even have items for kids!  There’s an area in the back where you can find handmade clothes to fit American Girl dolls.

“We love this community. I think we fill a good niche.  There’s not really any place around that has the kind of things we have so I think we’ve really added to the community that way,” said Jo.

They are holding a flea market on October 15th and their Christmas Open House will be November 19th.