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(April 8, 2016) -- You may remember in September we visited family run restaurant LA Cafe in Whitestown.

Jessica Averitt says the eatery has been whipping up homemade lunches and dinners for hungry Hoosiers for over a decade now.  Well, right around the corner off Porter Avenue is her family's business, LA Cycles.

“A lot of customers will come up in the spring and get an oil change and go over to the café and have a drink or have lunch.  We do a lot of functions together, bike nights and stuff,” said Nick Averitt from LA Cycles.

Jessica’s brother Nick says their father opened the LA Cycles motorcycle shop back in 1985.

"We're a fully independent motorcycle shop and we specialize in domestic American motorcycles, namely Harley Davidson and we work on, sell and service really anything from 1930 to brand new bikes.  We have one of the largest parts departments for antique motorcycles in the Midwest," said Nick.

Nick says whether you’re looking to buy your first bike or a vintage bike or maybe you just need some parts or more information, he and his father can help you with anything.

“Three to four percent of the Indiana population own motorcycles and I think it’s a good getaway for people that work that 9 to 4 job.  It’s a good getaway on weekends and something to do outside of their normal schedule.  We do sell everything from bikes with five miles on them to vintage bikes.  It’s really across the board, all the way back to the 1930s.  We do reach a larger demographic of customers that way.  We have bikes for sale across the board, it just depends, some just have a frame and a motor and some are ready to ride home,” said Nick.

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Just around the corner off South Main Street is the Designer Sewing Center.

“We are a dealer, we sell sewing machines, we offer classes for kids and adults and we have fabrics for quilting and sewing,” said co-owner, Natalie Reiners.

For years Natalie had been teaching sewing classes out of her home studio in Whitestown.  As the demand for training and materials kept growing, she opened the Designer Sewing Center.

“If you walk into the store and you’ve never sewn before we sit down at an entry level machine because it’s less intimidating that way.  We show you how to make some basic stitches and we do that right here as a demo in the store, then if you think it’s something you might enjoy we might look at novice classes and eventually build up to a pro series where you learn fashion industry methods for beautiful garments and you can make everything from a little girls dress to jeans and t-shirt all the way up to a wedding dress,” said Natalie.

Natalie sells all kinds of sewing materials, fabrics, buttons, zippers and threads.  She got her start in the fashion industry.  She has a background in fashion design and textiles and believes the sooner you start, the better you will be!

“Getting kids started at a very early age is great, igniting that passion for life.  Classes start at age 8 and we charge $15 a class so kids can start early and it’s a great way to get them started on a life-long skill.  It allows them to express their creativity and it also helps them to problem solve so the skills they learn are transitional,” said Natalie.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, beginner or advanced, Natalie’s goal is to inspire creativity and help you save some money at the same time.

“We wanted to offer something where people can express their own creativity so instead of walking around wearing the exact same thing as everyone else is wearing from the big box store you can create your own neat look and your own unique style.  All of the machinery is in shop and students get to use it, it’s not just here for show," she said.

"There’s nothing better in terms of fit than custom fit so you’re getting designer quality skills so you’re able to execute a designer quality garment at home.  We also bring in fabrics to go with it, so right now the fabrics we have on our shelves, how do they go together? What do they have in common?

"They’re all currently being used in the fashion industry so you can put this outfit together and look like something out of the top retail stores and save a lot of money while you’re doing it.”

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