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PENDLETON, Ind. — The Bank Restaurant in Pendleton earned its name honestly. The Pendleton eatery started out as bank and later became a soda shop, a café and a jewelry store.

“It was originally built as a bank, a financial bank, and back in 1910 the bank then merged with another bank in 1929 and then it became Smith Restaurant in 1930.  It was Smith Restaurant for 15 to 16 years and since then it’s been a series of other small shops,” said Garry Brammer, co-owner of The Bank Restaurant.

Brammer explains that the building off East State Street in downtown Pendleton became The Bank Restaurant about 16 years ago.

“Robin and I took it over in January of 2015.  We had been long term customers and the former owners came to us and said we’re either going to close or sell, since you guys are here we’ll give you first opportunity. I said no, a restaurant, no, my wife said yes!” said Garry.

And here they are!  Garry says Pendleton eats at The Bank and people all over the country visit for their famous breaded tenderloins.

“The Bank Restaurant was always famous for tenderloins, fries, and chicken fingers; everything is made by hand in The Bank.  We make most of our dressings from scratch.   The tenderloins are hand-pounded.  Since Robin and I took over we’ve added some healthier options, we’ve added a cedar plank salmon, we’re expanding into steaks and we have a new tilapia salad my chef invented 2 weeks ago, well he didn’t invent it but he plated it out,” said Garry.

The Bank has some cool features too.  The bathrooms have a hand-painted Monopoly theme, people love sitting up in the balcony which looks down onto the restaurant or even outside with their sidewalk dining.

“In 1910 they brought over a slab of limestone from Falls Park with horses, but it’s a foot and a half thick, it’s all limestone that the vault sat on. It was a horizontal vault that ran along that slab and that kept anyone from drilling up from the bottom and stealing money,” said Garry.

“I have been here about seven years.  I was living in Germany and I wanted to move back to my homeland and bring my husband and 2 kids, so I came over here with very little money and two babies and I opened a small boutique down the street in town,” said Beth Staedter, owner of B’Dazzled Boutique.

For the last seven years Beth has been making ladies feel good at the boutique located off East State Street in downtown Pendleton.

She loves working with all ages, styling them from head to toe.

“We carry a large selection of different things because women are so different in their styles, so we have a bohemian line that’s really popular right now with prints and paisleys.  We have another set of women that are more edgy and like the cutout arms with bedazzled things and ripped jeans, which I like that too.  We also have more conservative things, so as we’ve grown we have a section for everybody.  Our age group that normally comes in is normally from teenager things to the 70s.  We have a great group of women, we love them, they’re our friends and that’s the great thing about being here,” said Beth.

Beth says some of her customers come from two hours away!  The shop gets in new product every single day so you never know what you might find!

“We just expanded our handbag line so they are everywhere, all over the store, we do a lot of jewelry, we sell a lot of costume jewelry, we have a lot of handbags and purses and our newest line are the laugh-board signs which are mostly inspirational,” said Beth.

Beth chooses items from LA designers and she says it is boutique quality clothing with a range of prices.  There is something for everyone!  Next month, the boutique is going to launch a website where customers can order online.