Your Town Friday: Longtime Greenwood baker thinks phone call is spam, but turns out to be sweet surprise

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Greenwood, Ind. – The holiday wreaths are hanging in Greenwood now. And it’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas, too.

As the seasons come and go, Grafton Peek has been a constant for twenty years. Right now, Christmas-themed cakes fill the cooler.

Despite the longevity, owner Charles Bryant says he still gets asked all the time what Grafton Peek means!

“We have a ballroom in Old Town Greenwood that was built in 1884 and the gentlemen’s name who built it was Grafton Peek,” said Charles.

So now you know!

Charles knew he loved cooking by the age of fourteen. He went to culinary school and worked at big hotels across the country until he came home to Indiana to start a family.

He started Grafton Peek Catering with a business partner and today Grafton Peek is a cakery, too.

“My most favorite cake I ever did was my grandmothers 90th birthday cake. It wasn’t the most intricate. It wasn’t the tallest or the biggest. But it certainly meant the most to me.”

Charles says one day his phone rang and he couldn’t believe who was on the other end of the line.

“I got a phone call and it said Los Angeles underneath and I thought, oh it’s a robo call, it’s a student loan call. You know, what we all get.”

But it turned out to be a sweet surprise. It was a Netflix Sugar Rush producer!

Charles competed in February but couldn’t tell a soul till mid-November! He said before he flew to Los Angeles to compete, he had to go through an intense four month process, including a physical.

His competition partner, Liz, used to be his lead decorator but she’s now journeying out on her own! He’s excited to support her as she starts her own business.

Charles put Lindy to the test at Grafton Peek Cakery! Watch the video to see how she did and to learn more about Charles.

If you want to see how Charles and Liz did, you can watch Sugar Rush Christmas on Netflix now! Click here for more on Grafton Peek.

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