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MIDDLETOWN, Ind. — For the last three years since Valley View Golf Course on Fall Creek reopened, it’s been a huge hit with people near and far.

“The golf course has been here for 53 years,” said  Cindy Smith, marketing manager at Valley View Golf Course on Fall Creek. “The owners had originally developed it and owned it for those years and we reopened it on the 50th anniversary in 2013, so we’ve been operating it today.  The new owners used to farm it when it was down for a few years and they decided if the water is going to work, they’re going to bring it back, it’s a staple part of Middletown.”

Valley View is a 6,000 yard, 72-par, 18-hole golf course.

“We have people who come here who used to actually play here in high school and so they’ve come back with tournaments or to come play and say, ‘Oh, I remember this place when I was a senior at Shenandoah,’” said Cindy.

“We have a lot of elevations in the back.  We’ve got tee’s 15 and 17 that are high that look over the whole place, we have some water hazards, so it’s not your easy normal course, it’s actually something that will give you a bit of a challenge but it’s a lot of beauty at the same time.”

When you’ve had a nice day out on the links, head into the clubhouse for some homestyle Hoosier cooking!

“We are actually a full restaurant, a lot of our stuff is handmade and we actually have beef that is locally raised and farm fed.  We hand-bread all of our tenderloins and our Fish Fry Friday nights, it’s all hand-breaded, we have locally grown beef steak on Saturday night and we have a daily special.  We have breakfast specials, too. Breakfast is big here and we have amazing breakfast.  We’ve got the Bogie, the Birdie, we also have the Raider which is a biscuit with eggs, your choice of meat and cheese all smothered in gravy and it’s named after our local Shenandoah Raiders,” said Cindy.

The course is affordable and open to anyone!  You’re not going to find any stuffiness at Valley View!

“A lot of family members are working here.  We’re definitely blue collar and we love people.  We love to have everyone out here to play and have a good time, we love to have the hospitality and feed you guys too.”

Blue Sage Fine Art Gallery is the newbie on the block!  Joyce Minnick opened the gallery in downtown Middletown just a month ago, but already she is a popular shop!

“I’m thrilled to death with the location, the front, the storefront, the sign, everything about it!  My husband and I went in November to a show in Indianapolis at the State Museum and it’s all Indiana artisans and we primarily went to that show to choose some Indiana artists from different areas.  We have work from northern Indiana, southern Indiana, eastern and west and we were able to consign with some of the best artists in Indiana.  I wanted a nice arrangement of different artists and techniques and styles so I feel like we were fortunate!” said Joyce.

On display for sale right now is everything from collage work, graphic art and acrylic on canvas to woodworking, plasma cutting and horse hair pottery.

Blue Sage is also a working gallery!  Come watch Joyce as she works on her latest piece of art.

“I’m working on a sculpture, poured in bronze.  I’m a sculptor and I do some blacksmithing and I decided my time spent down here–if there’s no customers here–I will be working,” said Joyce.

Very soon the gallery will start featuring art shows with the local high school and competition shows as well.  Joyce will also start all kinds of programs for the community to enjoy.

“We’re going to do the art of yoga and meditation and I will be giving art classes to children and adults and we’ll have special other things coming in.  If you’re not an artist, we’ll have the art of soap making, to get the community together and learn and appreciate different things.”