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FISHERS, Ind. — “Your Town Friday” makes its return to Fishers this week.

We start at Heady Hollow Brewing Company.

“Me and my co-owner, George, were home brewers for a few years and quite a few of our friends really liked our beers and said you guys should open a business so we started looking into it and a couple years after that we opened the doors,” said co-owner Keefe Pietri.

Heady Hollow Brewing Company celebrated its one-year anniversary just last month!  Keefe says they’ve tried to create a down-to-earth atmosphere using old wood from local barns and historic photographs.

“Fishers is a newer community.  A lot of people don’t know much about it, so we try to incorporate a lot of local history so people can learn about Fishers a bit more.  George and I have both lived in Fishers for over 20 years.  We’ve seen it grow up from a small town to a city now and we like to be part of the community.  We like to come out and talk to the customers, ask them how they like the beer, get their feedback on different beers and we try to be a local community business.”

Of course beer is why many people come from all over to visit Heady Hollow.  Many of their beers have actually been named after something related to Fishers history.

“Our biggest selling beer is our Scotch Ale, 60 Horses Scotch Ale; it’s a sweet malty finishing beer with high gravity.  Our Hoosier Hops is our IPA; it’s a low-key IPA.  Our 1802 Pale Ale and our 1872 Imperial are probably our main beers.  A lot of people actually come from outside of Fishers to see us.  A lot of people like to try different beers, maybe they’ve read about our beer online or they like to go to different places and try different things, so hopefully the quality and the food we have, and the history incorporated will draw people from far away,” said Keefe.

Heady Hollow has meat and cheese trays from Smoking Goose and Panini’s and sandwiches featuring meats from Fischer Farms.  Customers will also find a dog-friendly patio!

Kevin Croak and his wife, Tatyana, opened Harmony Winery in Fishers just 5 years ago, but his passion for wine making started when he was 16 years old!

“My dad had a wild cherry tree in the yard and I decided to make wine from it when I was a junior in high school.  I was fascinated by the whole process and obviously making liquor,” said Kevin Croak, co-owner of Harmony Winery.

Kevin soon realized he was doing it wrong, so he gave up the hobby until his wife got him a wine-making kit for Christmas.  After his homemade wines won a few competitions, he decided to make a business out of it.

“Our demos are interesting because in the state of Indiana the palate is very sweet so a lot of people like our fruit flavored wines, however, we do have a good draw on our reds and our whites.  Our Nebiolo is an Italian dry red from Piedmont, Italy.  It’s a fantastic red, it’s our number-one selling red, and it’s got a silver medal on it.  Then we go all the way to our dessert wines where we make a coffee flavored Port called Allegro, it has five medals on it now, so people have different palates and tastes but we try to offer a spread so people can come in and decide what they want to make.”

Their business model is unique too.  When you visit Harmony Winery, you can assist in the wine-making process!

“When you come in you do a tasting, you select the wine you’d like to make and we bring in juice from all over the world, from Chile, Argentina, Australia, Italy, France and you choose the wine you’d like to make and you help us to produce the batch of wine.  We do all the work in between and at the end you come back and you bottle the batch and you can do your own custom label on there and then you take it home.”

Come for a tasting, come to make your own wine or come for one of their featured classes or events!

“The uniqueness of our space, the flex space in front, we’re able to move everything around.  We do yoga on Monday nights, we do karaoke the second and fourth Fridays of the month, we had two bachelorette parties this weekend and so we are unique in that respect.  We’re also in a strip mall so we don’t have this huge facility out in the middle of nowhere.  We’re local!”

Harmony Winery is part of the Cardinal Flight Wine Trail which features five different wineries north of I-465.