Your Town Friday: Son puts his own twist on Noblesville family farm

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Noblesville, Ind. – For this week’s Your Town Friday, we’re going down on the farm. But not like you might think.

The pumpkin patches are empty now and up next, you might go to local farms for your Christmas tree. But if you go to Spencer Farm in Hamilton County, you might want to kick back and say, “Cheers!”

This could be the legacy Mark Spencer leaves as a member of the Spencer farming family. And he certainly didn’t expect this.

“I had no intentions of coming back after I left for college!” said Mark.

But here he is, in an 1883 Noblesville farmhouse he’s turned into a winery. It’s on the property of Spencer Farm, a you-pick farm that was his dad’s dream.

“They started in 1982 with just a shack and selling strawberries.”


It’s been nearly 40 years since then. Today there is everything you’d expect on a farm, and for the first time this year, the market is year-round with local meats and cheeses.

Over the years the Spencer’s had three kids and dreamed one would want to farm for future generations.

Mark didn’t think it’d be him, but corporate life was getting to him.

“I got tired of being behind a desk I guess would be the best way to say it,” said Mark. “And they were at the point where it was getting big enough where it wasn’t easy for them to handle, so the timing worked out and it was time for me to come back.”


Between all the strawberries, sunflowers, mums and more, Mark saw an opening.

He spent a few years growing grapes and gleaning all he could from professors at Purdue willing to help him.

Spencer Farm Winery is open already, but the official grand opening is November 8th at 4:30 p.m. with Noblesville’s mayor and other local officials.

So are mom and day happy?

“I think so! You’d have to ask them!”

And of course mom and dad are thrilled.

By the way, Christmas tree season at Spencer Farm starts the day after Thanksgiving.

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