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FISHERS (Oct. 10, 2014) – This week “Your Town Friday” is in the town of Fishers. You’ll find the Hamilton County community about 20 miles northeast of downtown Indianapolis.

Fishers continues to grow and thrive every year, but back in the 1870s the tiny little town was known as “Fishers Switch.” Situated along the railroad, it naturally drew in residents and businesses over the years. The name was then switched to “Fishers Station” and then eventually the “Station” was dropped.

With the population well into the 80,000s today, Fishers has received many awards and accolades for being green, safe, affordable and family friendly.

If you head up Allisonville Road from 465 perhaps you’ve noticed the sign for Balmoral Golf Club. Up until a year ago, the course was very exclusive and members only. Today, anyone can get out on the green and you can take your pick: a regular game of golf or the newly popular “footgolf.”

Senior Director of Golf Operations, Ray Marconi, says

“It’s golf with a soccer ball, it’s basically the same rules, you tee off with the soccer ball, we have nine holes on this course, 21 inches, there’s a cup and a flag, just like golf, only you use a soccer ball,” explains Ray Marconi, senior director of golf operations. “You kick it and anybody can play it, that’s the beauty of it, anybody can kick a soccer ball, golf’s a difficult sport.”

Footgolf started five or six years ago in Europe but didn’t kick off in the U.S. until last year. Since then it’s been a growing sport.

“It’s a natural for a golf course, a lot of courses have been hurting for revenue, they have all sorts of deals going, I suspect in the very near future you’ll see footgolf everywhere,” Ray says.

The game is fun, it’s fairly quick and very affordable.

“You can walk it in one hour, or about 45 minutes, it’s nine holes, it’s relatively inexpensive, $10 here, anybody can play it.”

Right now Balmoral has a weekly footgolf league and they’ll be hosting the Indiana Footgolf Association Championship this weekend.

If you just want to relax and walk around town, the perfect way to start your day in Fishers would be to head to one of Ed Sahm’s many popular eateries. The Roost on East 116th has been keeping Fishers full since the early 1990s. They are open for breakfast and lunch and have a number of hot menu items including their homemade coffee cake which is yummy!

Ed Sahm’s nephew, Ben Homrig, works as a server at The Roost.

“This is a pumpkin pancake, a special for fall season….this is our jose salsa skillet, one of our staples…and we recently started making a cinnamon raisin toast out of our own bakery. We bake our own bread here.

“(The Roost is) a Fishers original, there are other Sahm’s restaurants, all owned by Sahm’s, they are something you got to try if you come up to Fishers for the first time.”

Also something unique to Fishers: Vardagen. In Swedish it means “every day.”

“When people come in they can find locally designed and printed t-shirts, sweatshirts, they’re all printed downtown, some of it has Indiana themes, from Indiana based companies,” says owner Jared Ingold.

Jared came up with the brand back in 2006 but didn’t open his shop until 2012. Featuring men’s, women’s and kids wear, Jared says the t-shirts and sweatshirts they create and sell are much more just that.

“T-shirts are really important, they’re the base for people’s outfits for the day. We all have the shirts we want to throw on every day, so we wanted to make things that are really comfortable, designs that people really love, that they can connect to.”

And because I always gravitate towards purses and bags, I couldn’t help but notice the cool white totes. Jared says they’re from the “People for Urban Progress” nonprofit downtown. They make bags and products from parts of the old RCA dome roof.

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