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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Indiana Dream Team Barnwood Furniture and Décor is all about serving the community.  It’s a small part of a residential program that houses and helps young men who are incarcerated for drug crimes.

“We give the guys a second chance to come in, we educate them, they get their GEDs, we give them trades programs and everything you see in the store, it’s hands on building.  The guys build homes, and they live on property, we get them full time employment and they start giving back to their community,” said Eric Lashbrook, senior minister director of residential facility.

The guys go out into the county and tear down old barns and homes.

“The guys help do all that and then they create the furniture so we’re kind of restoring the past and renewing the future at the same time,” said Eric.

While they clean up places in town, they use some of the materials to make furniture and rustic decorative pieces for your home.  They’ll even take on the occasional big project!

“The community has been wonderful to us and it’s what the boys get to build, they show off their talents, we get hired to go in and do basements. We did a frat house in Bloomington. We build a lot of different facilities for people who want to restore their whole basement or a bar or whatever they want to do, so the guys go in and do all that,” he said.

“There’s not a barn woodshop like this in the state of Indiana.  We have delivered from Illinois and Chicago to other places and we’ve just started, so this is really going to boom.  It’s going to bring more people in here and it brings more pride back to our community and we’re going to branch this out and do it in other communities.”

“The Sterling Butterfly is fine art, a fine craft marketplace and home to 25 different local artists.  We opened three years ago as a pop-up shop before Christmas to see how it would go over in town.  It was very successful so we shut that down and then two months later we decided to take it on permanently,” said Pam Hurst, owner of The Sterling Butterfly.

A trained jeweler, Hurst felt Martinsville needed a retail space for jewelry and art, so inside The Sterling Butterfly you’ll find all sorts of items made by local artists.

“The thing we hear a lot is oh that looks like something from Nashville in Brown County and we have it right here in town.  It’s a little different than your typical store so people come in when they’re looking for that unique different item for a gift mostly,” said Pam.

“Everybody has talent so we have boots that have been recycled, we have purses, clothing, we have a lot of jewelry, weavers, rugs, a lot of pottery, I’m actually meeting with a guy this afternoon who has wooden pens, we have glass artists so there’s a whole gamut of art out there that can be made,” said Pam.

You’ll find Pam’s work as well.  She generally works with silver and gemstones to create beautiful jewelry pieces.

“I’ve had it in a lot to places.  It’s been on TV, I’ve had it in gift bags at the Academy Awards and most recently I just sent 100 pieces for a blogging convention in August,” said Pam.

Pam says she enjoys being part of the Martinsville community as it continues to develop and grow.  She sees people from all over Indiana driving into town and supporting the local businesses.

“You can see different things here.  We’re part of the Rural Route, the Hendricks County Rural Route Trail and we do get people in here constantly from out of the area.  People traveling to Bloomington going to pick up their kids from college, they want to stop and check it out.  People from the north side of Indy make it a day going to different small towns checking out things so we’ve become a stop on those routes,” said Pam.

Pam holds art classes at The Sterling Butterfly every second Monday of the month.