INDIANAPOLIS — It was just after midnight Sunday morning when Indy police officers were called to the BP convenience store and gas station at 9th and Delaware Streets on a report of a shootout, leaving at least three people wounded.

“It appears one of our shooting victims was the victim of an attempted robbery. He was armed and defended himself and fired shots and there was a shootout inside the store between the potential victim of the robbery and the potential robbers,” said Indianapolis Metro Police Assistant Chief Chris Bailey. “One of the potential robbers is deceased. The third person that shot, we’re unsure what their role is in this incident.”

The man who was about to be robbed and fired back was also wounded and treated at Eskenazi Hospital, police said.

“There’s very good video here that’s gonna tell the complete story,” Bailey said. “And the detectives are in the process of downloading and getting it all together right now.”

Bailey said one gun was recovered and another armed robber fled before police arrived.

At least three of the people involved in the fatal shooting were 19-year-olds.

Executive Director of the Brightwood Community Center Shonna Majors said she talks every day with younger teens who tell her about the role guns and groupthink play in their communities.

“That aggressive or violent behavior is birds of a feather flock together. If I have these feelings and these anti-social behaviors, I want to connect with my peers who have that same thing,” she said. “The kids that were teenagers three or four years ago are now becoming adults, well, guess what, now they’re breeding a new group of kids behind them.”

The overnight killing marks at least the fourth time in the last month an armed citizen has faced down an assailant with a deadly weapon.

Last month at the Greenwood Park Mall a man police referred to as a Good Samaritan shot and killed an attacker who murdered three people.

Earlier this month, on Tapp Drive near Cumberland, police said a 16-year-old would-be armed robber was shot to death by one of his intended victims.

Saturday afternoon, near the Statehouse, a visitor from Lizton held a knife-wielding man at gunpoint until IMPD officers could arrest the assailant and charge him with Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon.