INDIANAPOLIS — As the funeral procession for Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy John Durm passed by the Community Justice Campus, his final 10-42 call was made.

That signified Deputy Durm’s end of watch.

During the playing of the 10-42, a couple of hundred employees from the courthouse, including sheriff’s deputies and judges, lined the sidewalk near the jail transport van that has been on display for the last week.

The final radio call is always emotional knowing there would be no response from Deputy Durm’s last radio call after 38 long years of service to the community.

“Control, sheriff 333.

On July 10th, 2023, Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy John Durm answered his final call.

While transporting a prisoner from a medical appointment, deputy Durm was assaulted and killed.

There is no greater love than a man that would lay down their life for another.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy John Durm, sheriff 333, is 10-42.

He has gone home for the final time.”

“It’s a great showing by the community for a law enforcement officer to pass in this way.  It’s great for the community to show up and support him. John’s been on the department for 38 years,” said Marion County Sheriff’s Sgt. James Koers. “John will be missed greatly. We used to talk hunting and fishing all the time. He was a big outdoors man.  I used to work with him a lot and I’m going to miss him.”

Even after the 10-42, deputy Durm’s family heritage of service lives on. Deputy Durm’s father, one son, two brothers and his significant other have all served or still serve the sheriff’s department.