13-year-old makes difficult decision, stops fighting cancer

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(March 10, 2015) – A Missouri boy fought a deadly cancer for more than a year. And now he has decided to stop fighting it so he can enjoy life.

Rhett Hall underwent months of painful radiation, chemotherapy and physical therapy for medullablastoma. “They would have two needles at a time going in it and they would poke me like every morning and night through it,” Rhett told KSHB. In June of 2014, doctors told Rhett that he was cancer free.

Angie Hall, Rhett’s mom told KSHB, “We were ecstatic when they said everything’s going great, the tumor’s gone. Then last week they found another tumor on his back.”

The cancer was back.

The doctor told the Hall family that this cancer can’t really be beat when it comes back. So Rhett decided he wasn’t going to fight it.

“I don’t just want to be sitting in a hospital bed dying while I could be having fun at my own house and with my friends,” said Rhett.

Rhett’s parents didn’t want to see their son go through the pain again if he didn’t want to.

“If he was in that hospital he’d be sick laying there and he may pass away in the hospital and he may miss out on a bunch,” said Josh Hall, Rhett’s dad.

All Rhett wants to do now is ride the trails near his home with his little brother.

Unfortunately, Rhett isn’t well enough to ride his dirt bike, so his family is using the fundraiser website “gofundme” to raise money for a four wheeler so Rhett can hit the trails again.

Since it was created on March 6th, the Rhett Hall Benefit Fund has raised more than $8,000.

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