14-year-old arrested after allegedly making fake 911 call in Bartholomew County

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A 14-year-old boy in Bartholomew County has been arrested and accused of making a false 911 call.

The fake emergency call took place early Tuesday morning in Hartsville.

The county sheriff hopes the teen’s arrest serves as an important safety lesson that making false 911 calls is not only illegal, it can also be dangerous.

The bogus 911 call went like this:

Dispatch: 911 what is your emergency?

Caller: I’m in Hartsville. Gas station. They’re trying to break in.

Dispatch: Okay. Hartsville gas station and what?

Caller: Someone’s trying to break-in.

Dispatch: Someone’s trying to break in? Hold on just a minute while I get ‘em going okay.

Caller: And they have guns.

Responding to that 911 call of an armed break-in at a gas station on state road 46 in Hartsville, deputies with Bartholomew County and State Police rushed to the scene overnight.

“You know when you get a report of a robbery or burglary with guns, that’s going to require you get there quickly,” said Sheriff Matthew Myers.

Sheriff Myers says after officers realized the emergency was fake, they quickly tracked down a 14-year-old suspect who admitted to making the call.

“The 14-year-old said he was bored and felt it would be neat to see a police response,” said Myers.

Exactly three weeks ago, police in Whitestown investigated a similar fake emergency. In that case a caller told police three people were being held hostage inside a home. That claim turned out to be bogus.

Sheriff Myers says no matter where they happen, false 911 calls can put officers in danger and pull them away from actual emergencies.

“It is a big deal to make a false report,” said Myers. “This is a reminder for parents to have conversations with their kids.”

Because the suspect is underage, his name is not being released, but he is facing two misdemeanor counts involving the false reporting of a crime.

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