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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (December 27, 2015) — Karen Jo Smith’s family says December 27, 2000 feels like it was yesterday. That was the day Smith went missing after she left her cousin’s home, Lana Niblock.

“We were making homemade pizzas,” Niblock said.

The family immediately suspected her husband, Steven Halcomb. The family and police investigated the case for years and in 2004 Halcomb went to trial for her murder. A jury found him guilty based on circumstantial evidence.

“Steve is paying for the crime he committed,” Jack Lee, Smith’s uncle, said. “For a moment he thought he committed the perfect crime.”

The family still has never been able to find the body of Karen Jo Smith, who would have turned 50 this year.

“We continue to search,” Lee said. “We will never give up searching and it is just our hope and prayer someday the good lord above will lead us to where she is at.”

Three years ago Halcomb confessed to the crime through prison letters to the family and agreed to help find her remains, Lee said.
The letters led the family to search in Scottsville, KY, just south of Bowling Green.

The family moved more than 100,000 cubic feet of dirt in a field in the city, but found nothing.

“We focused on what he told us, but yet we’re still unable to pinpoint the exact location,” Lee said.

Lee has received more information from Halcomb, and now believes his niece’s body is on another piece of land close to where they searched before, but it’s privately owned the owner will only let them search on a smaller scale.

The family says it’s difficult never being able to find her body.

“That’s been the hardest part,” Kim Light, Smith’s sister, said. “Not finding her remains and not being able to put her to rest.

The family would like to ask anyone with information that could help find Smith’s body to please speak out. If you know of any information you can email me at and I’ll pass along the message.