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INDIANAPOLIS — A 16-year-old is accused of murder in Marion County following a deadly shooting last month on Sherman.

The teenage suspect is being charged in adult court.

Sitting in traffic near 34th and Sherman in late August, 20-year-old Kea Asia Grundy was ambushed, seemingly at random.

Grundy was reported to have been shot from a passing car, the bullet hitting her once in the shoulder and causing her to crash her red Chevy into a pole.

The bullet caused severe internal bleeding that led to her death. A 14-year-old passenger was also wounded but survived.

Police used surveillance cameras to track the suspect’s car to the Carriage House East apartments near Mitthoeffer.

According to court records, the alleged gunman — 16-year-old Knowledge Jones — admitted he fired one shot from the back seat of his friend’s car because he felt pressured by his friends to pull the trigger. Peer pressure that resulted in a murder.

“When a child over 16 commits murder, juvenile court has no jurisdiction over that child,” said attorney Ralph Staples.

Attorney Staples isn’t connected to the case but explains that the court system treats juvenile offenders differently based on their age. Only murder suspects 15-years-old or younger start in the juvenile system.

“Murder is that outlier, where if you’re 16, you’re in adult court,” said Staples.

According to the affidavit, while Knowledge Jones admitted to the shooting, “Knowledge was asked if anyone in the other vehicle had done anything to cause the shooting. Knowledge stated no.”

The murder on Sherman marks the sixth time this year police have arrested a juvenile suspect for homicide. Four of those cases wound up in adult court.

The suspect is being held without bond pending trial.

Following an initial hearing, a trial was set for December, although that date is likely to be delayed.