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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Another customer has come forward to FOX59, saying he’d like the state to take action against a  home warranty company.

Amnon Sarig, a real estate broker, said he bought multiple plans with Choice Home Warranty for his customers. His company, Carmel Estates, helps investors buy properties and at first, he said he had a good experience.

“A stove broke. I called them, they sent somebody, fixed it within an hour (for) 50 bucks,” Sarig said.

Then a much bigger item broke: an air conditioning unit. Sarig said he expected CHW to cover the unit, but that didn’t happen.

“They called me and said it’s broken because it is a pre-existing condition,” Sarig said. “(We went) back and forth, back and forth.”

Sarig said eventually, he sued the company and obtained a $4,000 judgment in an Indiana court, since the company did not respond or show up for hearings. He told FOX59 that CHW had yet to pay that judgment.

“I called them about payment and they said, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you,’ basically,” Sarig said.

Sarig said he saw our initial report about a Choice Home Warranty complaint, in which Carmel homeowner Sushil Guragain also said he couldn’t get the company to pay for his broke air conditioner.

“I wanted to make others aware of this situation, because I know there are a lot of people like me that are looking for a home warranty,” Guragain said.

After FOX59 got involved, the company offered to settle with Guragain by buying him out of his contract. According to Guragain, the two parted ways.

Choice Home Warranty is based in New Jersey and in 2014, that state sued the company, eventually settling for more than $700,000. As part of that settlement, the company agreed to revise its business practices.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office sent FOX59 a list of complaints: since 2015, 19 customers have filed complaints against Choice Home Warranty.

Guragain and Sarig both said they’d like to see the state take action.

“I hope the state Attorney General of Indiana will show them the door out of Indiana,” Sarig said.

A spokesperson for the Indiana Attorney General said the office could not confirm or deny whether it was considering any action, and does not discuss possible litigation.

A Choice Home Warranty representative sent FOX59 the following statement:

“Choice Home Warranty fields over a million calls annually, with the commitment to deliver world class customer service. We were unaware of any pending litigation. We will reach out to Mr. Sarig in an effort to resolve.”