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INDIANAPOLIS — Court documents reveal a 19-year-old Indianapolis man was declared dead just 15 minutes after picking up the man he referred to as “brother” and who is now accused of shooting and killing him.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested 19-year-old Julius Beverly on Wednesday in connection to the deadly shooting of 19-year-old Dakylen White. White was found fatally shot inside a Ford Escape parked outside an Express Pantry at 4281 N. High School Road on Sunday night.

According to court documents, the Ford Escape was seen on surveillance video pulling into the parking lot, and a man with a chin strap beard who was wearing a “distinctive” black cap and black and white high tops with a “distinctive” pattern was seen getting out of the passenger side of a vehicle, along with another male who was sitting in the back.

Mugshot of 19-year-old Julius Beverly from IMPD.

The front seat passenger is then seen going to the driver’s side where White sat, putting his right arm through the window, firing a gun, and then reaching in as if to retrieve something. Police say when they found White, the gun holster on his hip was empty.

Several people who knew both the victim and the suspect identified the man who fired the gun in the surveillance video as Julius Beverly, alleged a probable cause affidavit.

White’s mother and sister told police the night he was killed, White told them he was going to pick up “brother” for a “smoke.” It was then clarified that “brother” was not White’s actual brother but a man known as “Ju.”

Court records show White’s vehicle was photographed by a license plate reader at the apartment complex where Beverly’s mother lived (just north of N. High School Road) at around 5:32 p.m.

Seven minutes later, police received a report of a person shot at the Express Pantry. The apartment and convenience store are less than a mile apart.

Police say White had been shot several times at close range. A medic declared him deceased at 5:47 p.m.

On September 7, three days after White was killed, court documents show IMPD spoke to Beverly’s mother. She told officers she was speaking to Beverly (on Sept. 7) when he “suddenly ran outside” and started firing shots. Police say Beverly had already left by the time they arrived, but they collected 13 9mm casings from the scene.

Photo of Dakylen White

Officers came into contact with Beverly a few hours later while responding to a child welfare call in an undisclosed area. Court documents show he was sitting on the porch with a Glock next to him. He was arrested at that time.

A search of Beverly’s home netted clothes “matching the likeness” of those seen on the surveillance video, police said.

When he was taken in for questioning, police provided a warrant to obtain a buccal swab from Beverly, however he did not “submit” to the procedure, according to investigators.

Jail records show Beverly was arrested on preliminary charges for murder, robbery, criminal recklessness and unlawful possession of a firearm.