INDIANAPOLIS — A man and woman from Indianapolis are under arrest after allegedly hanging and stabbing a dog that they had adopted from an Indianapolis shelter.

According to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report obtained by FOX59, Sierra Lynne Makin, 20, and Zech Hilton Thomsen, 19, were arrested on Aug. 6 on charges of torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, animal abandonment/neglect, resisting law enforcement and battery of a public safety official.

The Indianapolis Animal Care Services confirmed the dog, Deron, was adopted from their care on July 28. The IACS also confirmed they were called to assist IMPD on reports of a dog that was killed by being hanged and stabbed.

The police report states that Indianapolis police responded to the 700 block of Bosart Avenue at around 3 p.m. on Aug. 6. Thomsen and Makin were arrested for “torturing and killing” the dog, the report said. Both resisted police officers during the arrest, according to the report.

“We are heartbroken over this situation and we are supporting IMPD with their investigation,” said Katie Trennepohl, deputy director of IACS. “Our staff and volunteers are truly invested in the care and well-being of all of our animals. It is always our goal that when animals are adopted they go to loving forever homes.”

Deron was described by the IACS as an “energetic, affectionate guy” who gave “the best kisses.” Deron was two years old.

“Prior to any animal leaving our building staff checks each adopter or foster to see if they have a history of animal-related violations,” Trennepohl explained.

Trennepohl stated neither Thomsen or Makin had any history of animal-related violations with IACS.

A public criminal search of Thomsen shows he previously was charged with criminal confinement, domestic battery, strangulation and resisting law enforcement in June 2021. He would end up pleading guilty to his charge of resisting law enforcement, having the other charges dismissed, and serving less than a year on probation.

The IACS stated their check only looks for animal-related violations and Thomsen’s plea to resisting arrest “would not be something we look for.”

Background checks are not required for animal adoption, though some dog rescue volunteers have told FOX59 that they have pushed to make background checks a law in Indiana for pet adoption.