BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — Three men are facing charges after investigators found they stole a Boone County deputy’s gun. 18-year-old Elijah Scales, 19-year-old Alfonzo Williams and 19-year-old Jamarius Fields are facing theft-related charges.

Court documents show on May 13 Lebanon police were called to a reported theft from a vehicle on North Meridian Street. Officers were notified two items were stolen from a black van there.

The victim stated she found a gray backpack in the vehicle she didn’t recognize with paperwork lying next to it. She also told officers she had another vehicle that was gone through but nothing was missing from the second vehicle. Both were reported to be unlocked during the theft.

Officers say after opening the backpack they found a Boone County Sheriff’s Department badge inside and underneath the backpack they found a laptop charger. They then contacted dispatch to reach out to a BCSO deputy the detective knew lived in the area.

Investigators say they also found an empty black holster in an alley fitted for a 1911-style handgun.

BCSO Deputy Morganne Carpenter confirmed her department-issued white Ford Explorer was broken into and she was missing her handgun and laptop. The laptop was reported to be at her office.

After obtaining video footage from the apartment complex investigators saw two suspects entering Deputy Carpenter’s vehicle removing items including a gray backpack.

The video showed a total of four suspects who were located and arrested originally. Investigators were able to receive tips from the images posted on the sheriff’s Facebook page. A Tippecanoe County Deputy was able to identify Scales and another suspect as a juvenile who was later discovered to be Fields. Williams was also identified by the video provided.

Williams told investigators that the BSCO deputy’s gun had already been sold to someone known on social media as, “Lul Top” and that he still had conversations on his phone from the sale.

The deputy was able to identify the suspects from a recent traffic stop encounter in the area. In that case Scales had a silver 38 special revolver in his left pocket. All handguns were placed into evidence after the stop.

Police were able to arrest Elijah Scales and Alfonzo Williams on May 19 after an arrest warrant was issued the day prior. The two other suspects originally believed to be juveniles were also arrested. One was released after being found to be uninvolved with the theft. Further investigation discovered that the reported one juvenile was in fact 19-year-old Jamarius Fields using his brother’s name and date of birth to deceive law enforcement.

That discrepancy was referred to the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office for a possible added charge of Identity Deception or False Informing.

Both Elijah Scales and Jamarius Fields are being charged with one count of Theft, a Level 5 Felony and Unauthorized Entry of A Motor Vehicle, a Class B Misdemeanor. Williams is being charged with Assisting a Criminal, a Level 6 Felony and Theft a Class A Misdemeanor.

All three men have a jury trial scheduled for October 2.