2 donations in 2 hours: Man donates anonymously to Salvation Army

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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind.—A stranger helped a local charity in a big way. Last week, a generous man handed one of the employee’s the biggest donation she’s received.

“This gentleman definitely had me in tears last Friday,” said Nancy Jonson, Administrative Assistant with the Salvation Army.

Unlike most people who walk into the Salvation Army in Bartholomew County, this man didn’t need help, he just had a big heart.

The stranger handed Nancy Johnson a $2,500 check and then the two talked about the Salvation Army’s food pantry, buying children Christmas gifts, and helping those less fortunate in the community.

“We do not judge anyone by their needs or their amount of money. Sometimes they may just need to come in and talk to us and they do,” said Johnson.

The generous man left and an hour later he came back with another $2,500 check.

“He handed me the second check and I said, ‘you just want to make me cry again’ and he just kind of smiled and said ‘no I want you to keep on doing your work,’” said Johnson.

“He doesn’t know how much he’s blessed someone’s family just by doing that,” said Starla Rodriquez, a Bartholomew County mother.

Starla Rodriquez works a full-time and a part-time job to provide for herself and her eight children. She depends on the Salvation Army for extra help.

“Sometimes I use their food pantry. Sometimes they’ve helped me with coats for my children, backpacks, school supplies, they’ve really been a big help,” said Rodriquez.

With the two big checks came two simple requests: The man wanted to remain anonymous and he wanted to make sure inmates in local jails each have a Bible.

“It’s the spirit of Christmas, it’s giving,” said Rodriquez, a Bartholomew County mother.

The Salvation Army is still $40,000 short of its yearly goal. If you like to donation you can find more information here.

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