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INDIANAPOLIS – Two people are dead and five others are hurt after multiple shootings that occurred across Indianapolis within the span of several hours early Wednesday morning.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department tell us they received a report for possible people shot in the north and northwest districts around 12:45 a.m.

Police tell us they believe a shootout occurred during a party at a rental home in the 4100 block of Luxembourg Circle near 38th Street and Guion Road. At some point, a fight broke out at the party, and numerous gunshots from several different weapons were fired resulting in three injuries.

Officers found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds at the scene.  Medics transported both of them to the hospital in stable condition.

Someone at the party drove a third gunshot victim to the McDonald’s located near 38th Street and I-465. Medics transported that man to the hospital in critical condition.

The victims are believed to be between the ages of 18 and 21.

Right now police have several people in custody, but it’s unclear if those people are suspects or witnesses to the shooting.

Detectives are working on obtaining a search warrant for the house.  

Also around the same time as the shootout, a man walked into St. Vincent Hospital with a gunshot wound. That man is in stable condition.

Right now, IMPD tells us they don’t believe the shooting victim is connected with the other shooting, but they are not ruling anything out. Police say there were other shooting runs downtown and on the east side on 38th Street that it could be connected to.

Less than an hour later at 1:20 a.m., someone called 911 about a car in the backyard with people possibly shot inside of it. IMPD officers were dispatched to the scene in the 4600 block of Bolton Avenue near East 46th Street and North Arlington Avenue on the city’s northeast side.

When they arrived, they found two men lying outside the car. They were both dead.

IMPD Homicide Lt. Kerry Buckner tells us police believe the shooting actually occurred two to three blocks north of the Bolton Avenue scene on Stanton Drive.

“We can’t tell if everything happened in the car, but it appears that probably the driver was one of the ones that was shot, so he left the roadway and ran over good-size trees and came to rest in that backyard,” Buckner said.

IMPD is searching the area because they believe a third person was also in the car “due to a trail that kind of led off from the car.”

“Right now, we have K-9 and SWAT units out getting ready to search the woodline to ensure we either don’t have a bad guy still out there or we don’t have someone injured that needs help,” Buckner said.

IMPD tells us a seventh person was shot just before 4:30 a.m. on Indy’s east side. Police responded to the shooting in the 4200 block of English Avenue, which is located in Christian Park. Medics transported the victim to the hospital in critical condition.