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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two people were shot outside a strip mall on the northwest side of Indianapolis early Sunday morning.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed it’s investigating two separate shootings that occurred on the 3800 block of Georgetown Road.

Police say a gunman was attempting to rob someone outside the El Parrall Night Club at approximately 1 a.m. Sunday. During the robbery attempt one man was shot at the south end of the strip mall’s parking lot.

An off-duty police officer who works part-time as a security guard in the parking lot of the night club happened to be nearby and heard the gunshots.

IMPD said the off-duty officer got out of his police vehicle, identified himself as an officer and then engaged the robbery suspect, who was running toward the officer following the robbery. The officer then shot the suspect, who ran toward the north end of the parking lot before being apprehended. The officer rendered first aid until medics arrived.

The robbery suspect and the initial shooting victim were taken to nearby hospitals in critical condition. Both men required surgery to treat their injuries. Police said both are expected to survive. The robbery suspect was arrested on preliminary charges of robbery and aggravated battery.

The off-duty officer is an eight-year veteran with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. While his name was not immediately released, he has been placed on administrative duty. Standard procedure for an officer-involved shooting calls for IMPD’s Internal Affairs Unit to conduct a separate and parallel investigation into the matter.

IMPD released the following timeline of the incident:

  • 11: 39 p.m.- Officer marks out on Off-Duty Employment at El Parral Dancing Club, 3830 Georgetown Road until 3:30 a.m.
  • 1:57 a.m. – Officer advises on the radio of “shots fired” and an Officer Involved Shooting. Officer further advises of a black male moving northbound (Individual #1).
  • Additional Units begin to back on to the call and respond.
  • **2:00 a.m.**- Daylight Saving Time Change occurs, time resets to 1:00 a.m.
  • Control operator was advised that no officer sustained injury.
  • Officer advises that there is possibly an injured person on the south side of the building (Individual #2).
  • Officers respond to the south side of the building, locate and confirm that Individual #2 has sustained a GSW and is in serious condition.
  • Officer involved in shooting located Individual #1 and administered first aid while waiting for IEMS to arrive.
  • IEMS and Pike Medics arrive and transport Individual #1 and Individual #2 to Eskenazi Hospital.
  • Notifications of OIS sent out to command staff.
  • MECA Communications Van, Police Officer Support Team (POST) and Indianapolis-Marion County Forensic Services Agency (Crime Lab) are requested to the scene, per standard operating procedure.
  • Detectives respond to the hospital and scene for investigation.
  • 5:08 a.m.- Incident command terminated.
  • Crime Scene released.