2,000 summer jobs still available for students in Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — There are plenty of opportunities for students looking for summer jobs.

Project Indy, a program that connects students to employers, is in its third summer. Leaders behind the program said there are 2,000 jobs available from 175 employers.

With school just getting out, it’s not too late,” said Marie Mackintosh, the chief operations officer at EmployIndy, which manages the teen job program. “Employers are still looking for talent. It’s a great way for young people to get engaged and learn some basic skills and make a little extra cash.”

Parents and people between the ages of 16 to 24 can visit ProjectIndy.net to find jobs they’re interested in and find work close to home or other convenient locations.

Most jobs involve work in retail, restaurants, and summer-related jobs, such with the city parks and the zoo.

Many of the jobs pay more than minimum wage.

“There are loads and loads of jobs that are paying more and more these days because of the tight labor market,” said Mackintosh.

She said some jobs will pay young employees $10 an hour or more.

“It’s a very tough market right now for hiring,” said Kurt Rose, a district supervisor at White Castle. “If you go across the Indianapolis region, you’ll see that everybody is hiring. You can go to any type of restaurant, business, retail, doesn’t matter. They’re looking for people.”

Rose got his first job at 18. It was at White Castle, where he said he remembered cleaning the parking lot. He’s now worked for the company for 35 years and oversees eight local White Castle locations.

He said his restaurant targets high school students for work and offers them $10 an hour to start with an up to a $1 raise within the first six months.

“For somebody in high school, you work 10 hours a week, I just made $100 bucks,” Rose said. “That’s good money. It’s easy to do.”

White Castle has several jobs posted in the program.

Rose and Mackintosh each said getting students into the working environment early can be dividends later in life in a professional setting.

“You get to interact with customers, with other people,” said Rose. “Which is very important in a lot of fields these days. A salesman, a doctor, or a lawyer, you got to interact with people. We teach people how to interact with the customers.”

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