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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD believes a 21-year-old man flew from Colorado to Indianapolis last month to murder his wife.

Peter Van Bawi Lian allegedly killed his 27-year-old wife Khuang Par after police say she returned to Indy to be with her family in November. Detectives say Lian was arrested in November for allegedly physically assaulting Par.

On Dec. 23, officers found her body in the 300 block of Teddy Drive on the report of a body inside a dumpster. Police found her body inside a Country Club Apartments dumpster on the south side.

Police believe Lian, who is also a soldier with the Army and wanted for military desertion, flew from Colorado Springs, Colorado to commit the murder.

Flight records indicate Mr. Lian flew to Bangkok, Thailand on Christmas Eve, the day after Par was found.

Anyone with information is urged to please contact the homicide office at 317.327.3475 or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. This is an active and ongoing investigation.

Victim Khuang Par