24-year-old Brownsburg woman adopted by former school resource officer


Shay Roberson-Wing, 24, was adopted in 2018 by her former school resource officer, Ginnie Wing, and Wing’s husband Matt. The family posed for a photo. (Photo: Christi Patterson)

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A 24-year-old woman who spent much of her childhood in nearly a dozen foster homes has been adopted by a former central Indiana school resource officer who she says has been a positive influence on her life since the sixth grade.

Shay Roberson-Wing tells The Indianapolis Star that she cried with joy when Ginnie and Matt Wing officially adopted her in April.

Roberson-Wing was 11 years old in 2005 when she entered the child welfare system because her mother was struggling with drug addiction. She said meeting Ginnie Wing at East Middle School in Brownsburg was her first positive interaction with a police officer.

“I just always thought she was pretty cool,” Roberson-Wing said. “I don’t know, she was just a dope person.”

The pair grew close over the years; Wing attended Roberson-Wing’s school events when her parents couldn’t and Roberson-Wing spent holidays with the Wing family.

Roberson-Wing said Wing has provided critical support and guidance over the years.

“Sometimes I don’t believe in myself,” Roberson-Wing said, “but the fact that I never want to let her down gives me enough courage just to finish the race.”

While Roberson-Wing’s dreams of reuniting with her biological family faded over time, the idea of joining Ginnie Wing’s family after Wing made an offhand comment about adoption.

Roberson-Wing said she told her biological parents and grandmother about her adoption hopes. She said she respects them and didn’t want them to be caught off guard by the decision.

Ginnie Wing said she didn’t realize adult adoption was possible and that her children agreed it was “about time.”

Matt Wing said Roberson-Wing is “hard not to love.”

“It’s clear that she’s an amazing person that just has a light about her that lights up a room when she walks in,” he said.

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