LAWRENCE, Ind. — Three people were shot at a Lawrence park Sunday night.

Lawrence Police Department officers responded to a shots fired call around 10:15 p.m. at Lawrence Community Park, located at 5301 N. Franklin Road. Upon arrival, officers found three individuals with gunshot wounds.

One was taken the hospital after being shot in the thigh, while the other two had graze wounds and were treated on scene by medics, according to police.

18-year old Kyle Chambers said he ran for his life when he heard the start of the gunfire at the park.

“A group of people, a car pulled up,” Chambers said.  “They got out of the car.  My first instinct is to run and all I heard was shot after shot after shot for like 30 seconds.”

“It really came from both angles,” Chambers continued.  “I heard shots from this way it was just all crossfire.”

Chambers said he didn’t know who was shooting or why.

“Kids are going to be kids, but our age is just reckless and don’t care, like no consequences,” he said.

The circumstances that led to the shooting remain under investigation.

The shooting appears to have originated from an altercation involving a large group of people at the front of the park, according to Lawrence Police Chief Gary Woodruff.

“There’s absolutely no call to resolve conflict with gunfire with resorting to deadly violence,” Woodruff said.  

“Most of our parks are closed in a certain time but you know, people enjoy them, you know, all the time it’s a beautiful evening and they should be able to enjoy them,” Woodruff continued.  “When that is interrupted by gunfire and people being injured, again that’s just unacceptable.  But somebody out there knows what happened, knows specifically what occurred here.”

No other information about the victims, including age or gender, was immediately available.

This is a developing story and more information will be added as it becomes available.