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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Dozens of students and teachers are alright after police say one student started spraying pepper spray inside Stonybrook Middle School in Warren Township Wednesday afternoon.

Warren Township School Police said an investigation is underway to find whoever did this, but in the meantime, they said there is also a lesson to be learned for parents.

Officials said as many as thirty people, including students and teachers, were exposed to that pepper spray, during the incident around 1:30 p.m.

“I need to go home and check on my granddaughter,” said a woman who identified herself only as Theresa.

Parents and caregivers said it’s a scary reminder of the kinds of things students shouldn’t have, but that some manage to get a hold of.

“I’m very concerned that people are allowing their kids to come out with things like that, especially with things going on around the schools these days,” said parent Lyntica Digbie, “it’s very concerning.”

Fire and EMS teams treated those victims for exposure at the scene, but no one had to go to the hospital. Officials say an assistant principal pulled the fire alarm to get everyone outside.

Eventually, fire crews cleared the building, with everyone heading back inside to finish up the day. Police said they’re still looking for the student to brought that pepper spray to school and then used it.

“Right now, Warren Police are still investigating the situation,” said Chief Adrian Pettis, “our main concern in this is finding the individual that did do it.”

In the meantime, police also say incidents like this should prompt parents everywhere to take good look at what is in their own kids’ possession.

“It is very important,” said Digbie, “like my son would never leave with something like that.”

School officials sent a notice out to parents letting them know what happened.