37-year-old Hendricks County woman dies from flu-related illness

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – A Hendricks County family is saying goodbye to a 37-year-old wife and mother of two who lost her life due to flu complications this week.

“She said to get the kids dressed, get the kids over here right away. They have put her in the ICU. She is in critical condition,” said the victim’s father Karl Illg.

Within less than 24 hours, Karlie Illg Slaven’s family says she died from complications from the flu.

“From the flu, she had gone on to develop a full-blown case of pneumonia,” said Illg.

Last week, Karlie’s two kids and husband were all at home sick in Hendricks County with the flu.

“Karli had to take care of all of them and she got kind of run down and tired,” said Illg.

By Friday, Karlie was sick herself.

“Karlie went to med-check and they said yes you have the flu. They gave her your typical list of instructions,” said Illg.

Karlie went home that night to rest. But, the next day she did not feel any better and went to the emergency room.

“They took x-rays and her lungs were clear. But, she did have the flu and was still struggling to take deep breaths,” said Illg.

By Sunday, the once healthy mom was rushed back to the ER where she later died.

“I never even got a chance to talk to her again,” said Illg.

Illg says the 37-year-old did not get her flu shot this year like her kids and husband did.

“Even if it only gives you a 10 to 20 percent edge to fight off the flu, that 10 to 20 percent might have saved Karlie’s life. It is one of those things that we are all going to have to wonder about. What if,” said Illg.

The State Department of Health reports there have been 79 influenza-related deaths this season. As flu season rages on, Karlie’s family is urging others to get their flu shots, trying to prevent others from losing their loves ones to influenza.

“We are doing it for Karlie because at this point, there is nothing else that I can do for her,” said Illg.

Health officials say it is not too late to get your flu shot. You can get one at your local pharmacy, supermarket or county health department.

If you would like to donate to Karlie’s GoFundMe page, click here.

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