4-year-old girl alerts Edinburgh family of house fire


EDINBURGH, Ind. – A family in Edinburgh safely escaped their burning home last week, and they’re crediting a 4-year-old for their well-being.

Friday morning, Emma Geilker was getting herself and her three young kids ready for the day. Her oldest daughter, Amelia, immediately got her attention.

“She said ‘Mom, there’s something in the garage. Something’s wrong,” said Emma.

Within seconds, Emma knew the fire was getting closer, and her family was in trouble.

“I just swooped up my babies, my 2-month-old and told my 2-year-old and 4- year-old to get to the door. Let’s go, let’s go,” said Emma.

They all got out by the time firefighters showed up. The two dogs were trapped in the garage. Firefighters tried breaking a window to get to them, and even Gielker did everything she could, but sadly, the dogs didn’t survive.

“It was too bad to go in there. I probably wouldn’t have come out if I tried,” said Emma.

Firefighters were able to knocked down the fire shortly after they arrived. Thankfully, they were able to get to the parents’ bedroom in the back and managed to save the kids’ Christmas gifts.

“We still need to go through them just to make sure what’s good, but a lot of it was wrapped in plastic still so it was still good,” said Emma.

The family just moved there in June, and this would’ve been their Christmas in the home on West Compton Drive. Instead, they’ll be celebrating the holidays somewhere else, but they’ll all be together.

“The fact that her and our three kids got out safely, to know I got another day with them, another time spent with them, is the most important out of all this,” said father Josh Gurkins.

The parents realize they’re lucky for their safety, their generous neighbors and for their alert Amelia. They’re constantly reminding the little girl what she did was a big deal.

“She’s our hero. For a 4-year-old to do something like that, she is considered a hero in my book. Real life superhero for doing that,” said Gurkins.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. If you’re interested in helping the family, reach out to us at fox59news@fox59.com and we will put you in contact with them.

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