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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind—No matter the day, time or weather, you can find Rodney Jackson lending a helping hand to our country’s bravest.

Each morning, he packs up his truck with food and supplies, and heads out to some of the dozens of homeless camps located throughout the Circle City.

“There’s probably a lot of places you guys have drove by and didn’t know people were right there,” he said.

Jackson works for the Hoosier Veteran’s Assistance Foundation as an outreach worker. A veteran himself, he knows the challenges of being homeless all too well.

”I went through a divorce, got out of the military and lost my job all at the same time. I just prayed about it, and now I’m back out here giving,” he said.

According to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, on a given night in January of 2017 about 40,000 veterans were out on the streets.

It’s a statistic Jackson says is far too high.

“A lot of them don’t have an income to buy anything so they need to find out some sort of way to survive,” he explained.

With the help of people like Jackson, they do survive, living off the land, every day.

“Military people, we speak a different language. We have a trust code, and we’re more susceptible to talk to each other once they find out I’m in the military they open up to you more,” he said.