52-year-old African elephant Sophi dies at Indianapolis Zoo


INDIANAPOLIS — A 52-year-old African elephant named Sophi died Thursday at the Indianapolis Zoo, according to a tweet from zoo officials.

“Sophi’s decline was due to her age. At 52 years old, she was among the oldest African elephants in human care in North America,” Indy Zoo said,

The Zoo said the animal care team attended to Sophi closely as her condition declined over the last few days, and the difficult decision was made to euthanize her.

Sophi lived “a long, wonderful life,” said Indy Zoo, and was “loved by our herd, staff, volunteers and generations of Hoosiers.”

According to Indy Zoo, Sophi was born in 1968 and came to Indianapolis from a safari park in Canada in 1989.

“She was the biggest and one of the oldest animals here, and the undisputed leader of our herd. We are already missing her loud trumpet and majestic presence,” said the Indianapolis Zoo.

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