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INDIANAPOLIS — The 41,762-square-foot home of the late philanthropist and businesswoman Christel DeHaan has been put on the market for $14 million.

Located at 4501 N. Michigan Road on a 150-acre, resting on the grounds of the former Benedictine Monastery of St. Maur, the estate offers “the ultimate in privacy and security,” according to the listing.

Featuring a whopping 61 rooms, seven bedrooms, 10 full baths and seven partial baths, each section of the home is listed as being surrounded by terraces, formal gardens and lush landscape.

“Nowhere else in the city will you find an estate with such a commitment to design and aesthetics,” the listing reads.

Aerial view of the multi-multi-million dollar home, and private lake, of time-share executive Christel DeHaan in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo taken in 2016. (Photograph by Carol M. Highsmith from Library of Congress)

According to the listing, the estate includes a sauna, an indoor and outdoor pool, a tennis court, more than four fireplaces, a spa and hot tub, an elevator, fountains, patios, gardens, a billiards room and a five-car plus garage.

According to Christel DeHaan‘s obituary, the businesswoman and philanthropist was born in Germany during World War II and immigrated to the United States in 1962. Entrepreneurial by nature, DeHaan started typing and ironing services upon arriving in Indiana and went on to co-found RCI, a timeshare exchange company, with her husband in 1974.

According to the Library of Congress records, DeHaan took over management of RCI five years after its founding due to her husband having a heart attack. When the couple divorced in 1987, the court awarded DeHaan with half the company and she bought out her ex-husband for $67.5 million.

Christel DeHaan
Christel DeHaan (Photo//Forbes)

By the time she sold the company in 1996, RCI had over 4,000 employees. She sold RCI for $825 million, according to the Library of Congress.

DeHaan went on to found Christel House, a non-profit charity that assists impoverished children. Christel House currently serves nearly 6,000 students in four different countries with several schools located in Indianapolis.