8 babies in 22 days! Friends dress babies up in Santa outfits for holiday photo shoot

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – When this group of friends had 8 babies in the span of 22 days, they of course found it completely necessary to dress all of them up in matching Santa suits and have a photo shoot.

And man, oh man, are we glad they did! They could not be more adorable!

A group of eight women who live on the north side of Indy or in Carmel all became pregnant at the same time, Jana Hancock tells FOX59.

They connected via mutual friends within the group. Some of the women are childhood friends and went to high school together; a few of them were college roommates; and one of the women actually delivered the other’s baby.

The first baby in the group was born on July 23, 2016, and the eight baby was born on August 13, 2016.

This was the first child for seven of the eight mothers.

In early September, they all got together for brunch while on maternity leave, and ever since then they’ve called their group “Babies Who Brunch.”

They’ve had many playdates throughout the past few months, with and without the babies.

“Most of us would say that a ‘mom group’ like this wasn’t something we thought we would be interested in, but we speak often of how lost we would be without it and how thankful we are for one another,” said Hancock. “Most importantly, we also have a group chat, where we are able to run our highs and lows past the group for advice and support. From first diaper blowouts, fevers and sick kiddos, breastfeeding issues, returning to work after maternity leave, and growing pains, to big time smiles, giggles and all the wonderful milestones and positive moments, we share our experiences with each other.”

Below is a list of the mothers’ and babies’ names from left to right.

  • Mother Emily Baker with baby Bennett
  • Mother Bridget Hunt with baby Ronan
  • Mother Lindsay Gramlich with baby Fitz
  • Mother Amy Spillman Darrow with baby Penn
  • Mother Rachel Milstead with baby James
  • Mother Jana Hancock with baby Buck
  • Mother Courtney Davisson with baby Sloane
  • Mother Kelly Koschka with baby Beau

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