8-year-old Fishers boy finds purpose in serving others as he battles his own health issues

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FISHERS, Ind. – Maddox O’Connor is 8-years-old and he already knows his purpose in life. He had a revelation around two and a half years ago, as he was leaving his appointment at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

Maddox battles mitochondrial disease and muscular dystrophy, which means a lot of visits to the hospital. But, during one visit, Shawn O’Connor, Maddox’s mother, said they saw a homeless man holding a sign. She said that ignited a passion in Maddox’s heart as he empathized with the person and gave him his lunch he had yet to eat.

“God had this plan for Maddox,” O’Connor said. “It was bigger than his disease. it was bigger than Muscular Dystrophy. It was bigger than anything we could ever imagine for him.”

The next visit, Maddox was prepared. He packed a sandwich, fruit snacks and a drink for his new friend.

“I want them to feel happy and joyful,” O’Connor said about his friends who are homeless.

Maddox quickly realized there were more people in need than just one. So, his mother said he began asking for donations from neighbors and his church family. Quickly, people responded to his request. O’Connor said they have received donations for his “blessing bags” from states near and far after posting online.

“He put up the Maddox’s Mission page and it just kind of starting spreading the word and people just started donating from everywhere,” O’Connor said.

Now, their living room is stocked with donations for Maddox to give to his friends.

“He wants it to not be a business transaction, he wants it to be a personal thing,” O’Connor said. “He wants them to know that even after the food is gone, and the clothes are worn, that somebody cares about them, that somebody loves them, that Maddox is always thinking about them and praying for them.”

Maddox is preparing for another round of giveaways in March. His mom said his goals are ambitious, but he relies on what God asks of him.

“He said God told me he was going to give me enough for 500 bags,” O’Connor said of Maddox’s recent goal. “So, we need to do 500 bags. I said, ‘okay, this is your faith we’re going with buddy.'”

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