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OWEN COUNTY, Ind. — An elderly man fought back and fired at an intruder who broke into his Owen County home.

“I don’t want to kill nobody but I’m going to protect what is mine,” said Jerry Wolfe, a home invasion victim.

Early Sunday morning, 82-year-old Jerry Wolfe woke up and grabbed his gun when he heard a noise coming from downstairs.

“I stood there at the top of the stairwell and I thought man, if you come up this stairwell you’re going to be full of holes,” said Wolfe.

He stood his ground, but didn’t realize the intruder had already made it upstairs and was in the room next to him.

“I’m not going to tell you what I said but I turned around with my pistol and I started firing. I called him a name and kept firing at him. I wanted to kill him. I’m telling you the truth,” said Wolfe.

Detectives believe both shots Wolfe fired missed the intruder.

“We got to fighting then.  I’m sure he was stronger than me. I turned around and we were fighting over the gun and then he hit me upside the head with it. I fell backwards on my side,” said Wolfe.

Investigators aren’t sure if there was one or two intruders but they do know they broke in by pushing in the window air conditioning unit.

“They’d been to every room in the house; all the closet doors were open. They looked in all the cabinets and in the bathroom,” said Wolfe

The only thing reported stolen was a gun.  Mr. Wolfe is getting an alarm system installed but he’s not getting rid of his first line of defense, the gun next to his bedside.

“If somebody comes in there I’ll shoot them right through the covers,” said Wolfe.

Owen County detectives tell FOX59 this case is a top priority. They want to get the intruder or intruders off the streets before they strike again. If you know anything that could help detectives solve this case call the Owen County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 829-4874.