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SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – A grandfather fired back at intruders. The 84-year-old says he pulled the trigger in order to protect his property and his grandson.

“Nah, [my] grandpa isn’t scared of nothing,” said grandson Mason Elliott.

When Robert Elliott looked out his bedroom window Tuesday afternoon, he saw masked men in a truck creeping around his Shelbyville home. Not only was Elliott armed with a gun, but he was also armed with several surveillance cameras.

Surveillance footage shows an intruder using an ax to bust down a barn door; a second later, another person runs in right behind him.  Elliott says he watched as the burglars got closer and closer to another home where his 23-year-old grandson was staying.

“Well, my first thought was my grandson is upstairs, I got to go over there because he has no protection,” said Robert Elliot.

The 84-year-old grandfather grabbed his gun. His plan was to just keep an eye on the masked men until police arrived but shots started flying.

“They were leaving but for some reason they were firing at me because they saw me standing out here, so when they did that I fired back at them,” said Elliot.

Shortly after the shooting, police found 18-year-old Jajuan Dinkins hiding in a dumpster and 20-year-old Roan Waters in a nearby cornfield.

“Oh, they definitely know what they’re doing, definitely,” said Elliot.

Just last week, someone broke into Elliott’s home and stole TVs, clothing and jewelry. Investigators believe both crimes could be connected.

“[I’m] surprised to see that they were brazen enough to come back in broad daylight again, same house , and in the middle of the day,” said Mason Elliott.

This grandfather and his grandson are relieved no one was hurt.   They hope there isn’t a next time–but they’re ready just in case.

“It’s just me and him out here. If they come back, they’re going to have two of us to deal with,” said Mason Elliott.

Dinkins and Waters are each facing several felony charges including burglary and criminal recklessness. Police are still looking for a third suspect.