INDIANAPOLIS — A mama duck and six of her babies are alive thanks to a quick-thinking passerby.

Volunteers at Providence Wildlife Rehabilitation say it’s a “Christmas miracle” to see the ducks thriving after a passerby called about a female duck found sitting in bitterly cold temperature on a nest in a flower pot on the Indianapolis Canal Walk downtown.

After getting the duck and her eggs to the rehab center, six of the eight eggs hatched. Two did not survive due to being frozen.

“Ducks can lay a nest anytime of year. The news and shelters discuss dogs and cats being left out, but wildlife can suffer as well (and no one thinks about that),” said Karen Sauer with Providence Wildlife.

“Providence Wildlife is the only rehabilitation in central Indiana that helps waterfowl as well as other wildlife,” continued Sauer.

Four of the ducks have been named so far. Staff named them Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixe