A look ahead at the final Indiana Gubernatorial debate


INDIANAPOLIS — Are candidates prepared for curveball questions ahead of Tuesday’s final Indiana Gubernatorial debate?

That’s what some Indiana political experts are looking out for.

The debate will be streamed live at 7 in the evening.

Though a historic number of hoosiers have already voted, not everyone has made up their mind on who they want to be Indiana’s governor.

“I’ll have to tune in and see what’s going on,” said Tiffany Jenkins who said she has yet to decide which candidate to choose for governor.

“I’m actually not sure yet,” added first time voter Abel Alvarez.

He watched the first Indiana Gubernatorial debate last week.

“It was pretty interesting and I learned a lot of new things,” said Alvarez. “So, yea, I’m looking forward to watch that to make my decision.”

Indypolitics.org editor Abdul-Hakim Shabazz said the Indiana Debate Commission has done a good job sticking to the issues.

“The only thing I would have done differently is maybe ask more questions about the pandemic and maybe a few less questions about the environment seeing as how the pandemic is sort of on everybody’s mind,” said Shabazz.

Former GOP chairman and current Vice President of Bose Public Affairs Pete Seat said since questions come from voters across the state, they can be unpredictable.

“What will those kind of curveball questions be? And will the candidates be prepared?” said Seat.

Shabazz said he predicts democrat Dr. Woody Myers will be more aggressive this debate. As for libertarian candidate Donald Rainwater, he thinks he will keep doing what he has been doing.

“Because I don’t think Rainwater expects to win but at least make a statement,” said Shabazz.

Seat has prepped Governor Eric Holcomb for debates in the past.

“Obviously, defend yourself against attacks but focus on the future,” said Seat.

Though it isn’t common, debates can make or break a candidate.

“Richard Mourdock, 2012, his debate against Joe Donnelly,” described Shabazz. When Richard Mourdock made the comment about when a woman is raped it’s because God intended for that to happen, that was the game changer in that debate. So, it is possible to walk in ahead and walk out having screwed things up that you lose in the end.”

Indiana Voter Tiffany Jenkins said debates are important, even this close to the election.

“I do think it makes a difference, because we are seeing, even the presidential debate, it made a big difference,” said Jenkins.

You can watch Tuesday’s final debate between the candidates by clicking the live stream here.

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