Accountability ratings released for Indiana schools


School classroom with blackboard

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — New federal school accountability ratings show how Indiana schools are performing.

The scale is based on four categories: exceeds, meets, approaches, or does not meet expectations. Just over 56% of high schools and 53% of elementary and middle schools exceeded or met expectations.

The Department of Education said they issued the ratings in lieu of accountability grades to provide clarity and move away from issuing two grades. This is meant to give a better understanding of the system as a tool to accurately measure achievement and a way to move towards success, rather than it becoming a punitive mark.

“I am proud of the work Indiana schools are doing to academically prepare our children for life beyond high school,” said State Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick. “To better serve schools for future successes, however, it is important we develop a single modernized state-legislated accountability system that is fair, accurate, and transparent. Our kids, schools, teachers, and parents deserve it.”

Overall, there was a slight drop in the top category for schools across Indiana and there was a one-percent increase in schools that don’t meet expectations. If schools fall into that category, the district then sets up a recovery plan and are given a deadline to show improvements. If changes aren’t made, the school could be punished depending on if they improve.

An overview of the ratings can be found below. To see a full list of accountability ratings, download the 2019 Federal Grade Summary and Results.

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