Additional fetal remains discovered amid investigation into late northern Indiana abortion doctor


Dr. Ulrich Klopfer (Photo courtesy of WSBT)

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INDIANAPOLIS – Authorities are investigating after more fetal remains were located among a late northern Indiana abortion doctor’s belongings.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office said Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s family members found the remains as they continue to search through the late abortion doctor’s residence. The office believes the remains may be linked to abortions performed in Indiana.

Hill said members of the Will County Sheriff’s Office found the remains in one of eight vehicles stored in an outdoor gated lock. Inside the trunk was five plastic bags and a box containing fetal remains. Hill said 165 additional fetuses were found–bringing the total to 2,411.

The discovery comes after 2,246 aborted fetuses were discovered in Klopfer’s garage in Illinois. The discovery prompted an investigation that uncovered that the remains came from Indiana clinics.

“Imagine if you will if we discovered 2,246 remains of adults who were deceased in some sort of preservation fluid,” Hill said. “We would be freaking out.”

Klopfer died on September 3. He previously performed abortions at clinics in Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Gary. The initial remains were discovered while his widow and her sister were cleaning out his garage following his death.

Along with the remains, the Hill said thousands of medical records were found abandoned.

The first set of remains are now being stored in St. Joseph County while the Attorney General’s office develops a framework for where the case will go next.

“We don’t want to see fetal remains discarded like so much trash on the side of the road,” Hill said.

In 2016, Indiana passed legislation that requires abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetuses in the same way as human remains. That legislation was upheld by the Supreme Court in May 2019.

Before the legislation was passed, fetal remains were treated like biohazard waste. Now, clinics must provide appropriate burial or cremation services.

For those concerned about whether the fetal remains are part of their history, contact or call 317-234-6663.

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