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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– An online advertisement may have led to some of the violence from anti-Trump protests in Indianapolis Saturday night.  The protests were supposed to send a peaceful message against last week’s election, but turned to chaos around 8 p.m. when chants turned from “love trumps hate” to “kill the police.”

“We were just trying to keep our people safe and peaceful,” said rally organizer Kim Saylor.

Seven people were arrested and two officers were injured. Four of the people were from out of the Indianapolis area. Rally organizers tell us they have no idea who those people are but believe that they infiltrated their march to spread a hateful message.

“Another group of protesters that were not with us at the rally joined in from Meridian Street. So, when we came back around we diverted everyone south trying to avoid the other protesters. Some of them were carrying Trump and Pence signs and some of them were wearing Trump and Pence shirts. They were not with us.” said Saylor.

Now, there is more talk of people getting paid cash to protest against Trump. Craigslist ads found online offer up to $1,500 a week to attend an anti-Trump rally. Many of the ads have appeared during the campaign, but now after last week’s election, more people are taking notice. We called the number and left a message but have not heard back.

“I don’t know who is getting paid, but it is not me. It is not the people that are on stage who organized this rally,” said Saylor.

Protesters in Indianapolis are saddened by the violence that came out of their peaceful protests, which they say took away from their message.

“You love America, please do not destroy it,” said Saylor.

IMPD continues to monitor plans for future anti-Trump rallies on social media.