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BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A major renovation project is underway in Brownsburg – bringing new life to a playground that has been around for decades.

On Monday, volunteers began Phase I of renovations on Blast Off Playground at Williams Park. The town of Brownsburg budgeted a total of $300,000 for the two-phase project which is set to be completed by this summer.

“It was brought to our attention, not only by some citizens, but by our parks department that our Blast Off Park was in some disrepair,” said Brownsburg Town Council President Travis Tschaenn.

The all-wood playground features a unique rocket ship design and includes towers, tunnels, ramps, and slides. Unfortunately, it is beginning to show its age. Renovations will swap out the wooden beams and posts with a recycled plastic composite that will better withstand both weather and time.

“With a facelift it’s gonna be here another 20 years,” said volunteer Donna Metallic.

Donna is part of a core group of volunteers that helped design, and build, the original Blast Off Playground back in 2000. She said once a design was set, the playground was built over a five-day period thanks to a hardworking group of over 350 volunteers.

“We had everyone – churches, schools, teachers, parents, grandmas and grandpas,” said Donna. “It took many many people to get this [playground] up out of the ground.”

Flash-forward 21 years later, both Donna and Travis said it is that same same community that made renovations possible.

“It’s a generational project. It’s not just for our current residents,” said Travis.

“It really brings back a sense of pride in the community and the volunteers and everyone just kind of coming together to make it happen,” said Donna. “Because it really was just a dream – sitting, having coffee one morning with my neighbor.”

The Brownsburg Parks Department is still searching for 10-15 volunteers per day to make the necessary repairs and add new features. To sign up, click here.

Brownsburg Parks is also looking to raise money for Phase II of the project that includes new surfacing and additional playground features to be added by summer ’22.

You can make an online donation by going to the Hendricks County Community Foundation’s website, then click on HCCF General Operating. Select Brownsburg Parks Foundation Fund and complete the information requested.