After principal’s death, touching video from students and staff resurfaces

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 26, 2016)– After the death of  Amy Beverland Elementary School Principal Susan Jordan, many in the community began sharing a video created in May 2015 of students and staff members thanking her for the impact she had on their lives.

Jordan served as the school’s principal for more than two decades.

Details later emerged that in the moment before the crash, the bus driver saw Jordan push several students out of harm’s way.

The video, even eight months after its creation, shows the level of appreciation and respect the community had for her. Faculty members featured in the video talk about how lucky they are to have Mrs. Jordan in their lives. Students talk about her leadership, friendliness and overall positive attitude.

The video closes by saying, “We love you Mrs. Jordan!…Thank you for the many years of leadership!”

“We lost a great educator today,” said superintendent Shawn Smith Tuesday. “Quite frankly ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about a legend in education.”

Parents Adam and Rachel Baker told FOX59 that they moved their two children to the district five years ago specifically to enroll their kids at the school.

“It was for all the good things we had heard about Principal Jordan and everything that was going on (there),” Adam Baker said.

Baker’s son, Steven, witnessed the tragic accident as he sat aboard a nearby bus. The 6th grader said that Principal Jordan visited his classroom every day to check up on he and his classmates.

“She would just come and sit down in our chairs for a little bit and see what we’re learning,” Baker said.

Another mother, Regina Simpson, said that Jordan’s influence was especially important in her and her son’s lives.

“My son has down’s syndrome so she kind of connected with him and … understood him and always made sure he was in his class. She was just very, very caring towards me and my family,” Simpson said.

Those sentiments were echoed across the entire community, rippling to former parents and students like Mark Leyden.

“I saw her this morning, gave her a hug because I was here volunteering, and now she’s gone,” Leyden said.

Leyden showed up at the school Tuesday night with flowers in memory of his former principal. The district decided to cancel school on Wednesday in memory of Jordan.

Watch the full YouTube video here:

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