Agencies take calls about abandoned cars

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MARION COUNTY, IN – Abandoned cars left behind by people who were impacted by Sunday’s snow storm may have an opportunity to get their car at a later time.

Indiana State Police typically will tag a car and then the driver has 72 hours to remove it.

“If we start tagging them, they have 72 hours. We’re not going to do anything right now. We understand people’s dilemma. You know, this is still very much a dangerous situation with the packed snow on the roads. The secondary roads, (which are) the county roads are very bad. So, we’re not (in) any hurry if they’re safely off the road. (We’ll) let the people get to it as soon as they can,” ISP Sgt. Rich Myers said.

Sgt. Myers said if INDOT contacts them about a car, they will check it out and help get it removed. If it is removed it is because it is considered to be in unsafe location on the highway. He said it is unsafe to have a car near or on the fog line or emergency berm. Since the Sunday before the snow storm, ISP has helped remove cars located in unsafe locations.

Sgt. Myers said INDOT has to have somewhere to put snow and it needs room on the highway..

“Now if someone is off the road safely in a grassy area in the median far enough off the road, and they’ve slid off and left it there, (then) that’s going to be up to the owner to get it removed. We’re not going to remove something that’s safely off the road,” Sgt. Myers said.

Sgt. Myers said right now they are focused on working crashes, slid offs, and helping people who need it.

If you had to abandon your car due to the snow storm, Sgt. Myers said people should follow an important step.

“The best thing I can tell them is to wait at least until the roadways are clear so that the wrecker drivers have a safe environment to do that too,” Sgt. Myers said.

Meanwhile, towing companies are busy too. Lawrence Towing has been swamped with calls, including calls about getting cars out of the way to make room for plows or traffic.

“Probably in the last 24 to 48 hours -easily- we’ve done 100 vehicles on the sides of the road either abandoned or (stuck) that the police have called us on,” Amy Massey with Lawrence Towing said.

Massey is a dispatcher. She said they are about 2 to 3 days behind on service calls because of the large volume of calls they have received since the storm. She said they will try their best to get to everyone as soon as possible.

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