AG's office sends checks to residents forced to leave mobile home park

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Residents at I-70 Mobile Home Park are finding hope again after many of them were given checks today from the Attorney General’s Office.

They’re being compensated for their trailers, but now the clock starts ticking again on when they must leave the property.

"Only if they have a claim that they have a residence here without a title and a title is not able to be located," Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill said.

Resident Myrtle Adams is happy to be receiving a check.

In August, residents were told they needed to vacate the property by October, so the Attorney General’s office stepped in and halted the vacate notice. 

"To find out people were being uprooted unfairly in the sense they had never received their title that was problematic," Hill said.

The AG's office took the mobile park owners, Blue Lake, Inc. to court. 

These checks may be a big help to the residents but Hill says the legal battle is far from over.

"The case will be ongoing to tie up any legal loose ends moving forward and making sure the restitution issue is squared away," Hill said.

 Adams says the check is less than what she paid for her mobile home, but says anything is better than nothing.

The checks mean the court will now be closing the property and everyone must leave in three weeks.

Adams and her husband have been looking for a new home but says she’s going to need more money.

"We never expected for any of this to happen. We expected to live here for a very long time," Adams said.

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The court has ordered for this park to be shut down by February 21, 2020.

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