INDIANAPOLIS — Homeowners in a west side neighborhood are calling on the city to fix a dangerous hole growing into their street.

“All they did was come out, put two cones up, and no one has been back since,” says Mike Campbell who lives near the hole, “Someone is going to get killed.”

It’s forming around a bend on Biltmore Avenue. Neighbors say they began calling the Mayor’s action line a year ago. The hazard now extends about 6-feet into the road, and is growing. The ground underneath is eroding. The hole itself opens into an embankment. The steep slope is roughly 20-feet to a creek below.

“We had an 86-year-old woman come through here Memorial Day weekend, and went off in here. My friend was here with a tow truck, and pulled her out. She was pretty well shaken up”, tells Campbell, “We had a homeless guy come through here on a bike, and went in the hole. He went down in the water.”

The guardrail is currently being held up by trees, and part of it floats several feet above the hole.

“Traditionally a guardrail keeps cars that are moving parallel to it on the road, as opposed to preventing a head-on collision,” details Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) Spokesperson Ben Easley, “The various aspects of the issues may be resolved in different phases. If it is a guardrail issue, that can be more easily addressed than the long-term storm water erosion issue. It sounds like an area further up the embankment is more concert laden, but this area was not.”

DPW is aware of the situation. They have multiple engineering teams working on the problems. One team is assessing the erosion, while another is looking into the guardrail.

After this station reached out to DPW, a member of their engineering team came by the hole and spoke with Campbell. Easley says that person is with the team accessing the guardrail. The cones remain in place as a visual alert for drivers.