Anderson calls on residents to help curb crime

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ANDERSON – A Central Indiana community wants residents to get involved in efforts to stop crime.

Anderson held a city-wide crime watch meeting Wednesday night to teach people how to protect their homes and neighborhoods, instead of blaming law enforcement for not doing enough when a crime occurs.

Police Chief Larry Crenshaw told Fox 59, while he doesn’t have the exact numbers yet, crime is steadily rising in the city.

“We have seen a little more, experienced a little more heinous crimes,” said Crenshaw.

To safeguard their homes from burglaries, Crenshaw offered residents simple tips like adding outdoor lighting and trimming shrubs to ensure their house is visible at night.

He also wants residents to create neighborhood watch programs.

Meantime, the Anderson Police Department is hoping to buy software that will allow residents to work on cases with detectives in real time.

“(It’s) where you can go online and identify certain things, be it a pothole, be it a crime, be it a suspicious activity,” explained Crenshaw.

Crenshaw said he’s in contact with other police chiefs around Central Indiana, and believes this kind of community policing is the only real way to fight back.

“It brings the police department and the community base we serve a little bit together,” he said.

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