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Update (August 5, 2016) – Vannatta pleaded guilty to counterfeiting and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or deceit. She was sentenced to probation as well as substance abuse evaluation.

ANDERSON, Ind. (July 15, 2015)– An Anderson High School teacher was arrested after allegedly attempting to obtain medication with a forged prescription.

Police say they were informed on July 11 that Rebecca Vannatta, 50, tried to get the painkiller Norco using a prescription form that had been altered. Vannatta is a teacher in the Fine and Performing Arts department at Anderson High School.

After meeting with staff from the Payless Cross Street Pharmacy, the officer determined the prescription was “washed,” which makes the original handwriting less prominent so that it can be written over.

The prescription from Dr. William Kopp’s office was originally for Suboxone. Dr. Kopp verified to officers that it had been altered. After being arrested, Vannatta allegedly admitted to having changed the prescription. She was charged with forgery and legend drug deception.

Police say Vannatta also attempted the same thing on July 2.

Anderson Community Schools says it is aware of the situation, but has not released a formal statement. They are investigating the case.