Anderson Interim Police Chief prepares to officially take office January 1

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ANDERSON, Ind. - Anderson Police Interim Chief Jake Brown officially becomes the next chief during Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony. Brown first started with Anderson's department at age 21 in January 1999.

"Probably something that's instilled in me by my parents, if you go at something, especially a life long career, you fulfill all potential opportunities that you can," Brown said.

Brown served as a beat officer, crime scene tech, detective and one of the assistant chiefs. He said these experiences help him handle Anderson's public safety challenges.

"We have a narcotic issue that we are constantly trying to address," Brown said.

The new chief said he will encourage more officers and detectives to make personal connections with the community.

"I want the people in the neighborhood to have a familiar face with that officer as well, not just the people in the division of community policing," Brown said.

There's hope better connections build better trust which leads to more solved cases.

"If the community trusts that you're going to do a good job and do right by the community, you're going to get more people to cooperate," Brown said.

Brown takes the lead after Former Chief Tony Watters' demotion in October. Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. demoted Watters after receiving a report regarding an alleged encounter between Watters and state police officers in June. At that time, officers were arresting Watters' son - also an Anderson officer - in connection with a domestic dispute.

"The big picture, he did do good for this police department," Brown said. "I think he lost sight of the ultimate goals and objectives of representing the whole."

Brown said his department and the city have moved on, and Watters is back to serving as a detective.

"It's not always just about fighting crime and enforcing laws, it's a lot of public service that goes into our daily grind," Brown said.

Interim Chief Brown officially becomes Chief Brown during tomorrow's swearing-in ceremony in Anderson.

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